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Child Jail cell

You can give your loved one a chance for a better future with the personable and experienced juvenile law services of Steven A. Drakos Attorney at Law of Lake Orion, MI. It's our job to provide protection for your child and their rights. Expect our aggressive attorney to do just that.

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Don't let your minor's mistake cost them their future. If you are undergoing the heartbreaking tragedy of dealing with your child and their legal charges, turn to us. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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Juvenile law services, including:

Your child's criminal record may be tarnished by a Minor in Possession charge. To create a more suitable and less aggressive punishment, utilize the legal guidance of Attorney Steven A. Drakos. Your child's case will be handled by a legal professional who has handled many juvenile MIP charges.

Has your underage child been caught with alcohol?

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